This week, Apple released the iPhone 5. It's become a sort of cultural expectation that people will wait in line for hours to buy a new Apple device on launch day. Game consoles have shared in the phenomenon, as Nintendo's Wii system couldn't stay on retail shelves for years.

Wii U pre-orders rocked online retailers as well this week, to the point that GameStop started up a wait list for those looking to buy the system. Is this a matter of high demand or low production on Nintendo's behalf? That's hard to answer without reliable sales figures. Could Nintendo take after Apple with its upcoming home console, seeing people line up for hours this holiday season to scoop up the Wii U? All signs point to "yes" on that one.

For me, I fear that if I don't get a Wii U this holiday season due to my personal disinterest in the launch lineup, there's a looming possibility that this is my only reasonable shot at owning the system until the 2013 holiday season. For once, I feel I can empathize with Apple devotees that feel as though they can't wait another day for the next iPhone. So while you're waiting in line today, whether it's to pick up your new iPhone 5 or to buy your groceries, check out last week's webcomics and vote for your favorite after the break!

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