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Thread: Mega Man legends 2 Demo

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    Default Mega Man legends 2 Demo

    This is the demo that was included with Tron Bonne. I see that a case, manual, and this demo sold for $78. I was wondering what the Demo itself might be worth.

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    Maybe a third of that? Hard to say, I'm just guessing. I wouldn't say the demo itself is that desired. It's just that Tron Bonne has gotten really pricey, so somebody buying all but the game is probably hoping to piece together a complete copy. That's a much bigger pain if you're buying every individual piece separately. And if someone had a copy of Tron Bonne with everything but the demo, I don't know how huge of a priority it would be to many collectors to get that demo. This is all just theorizing, though. If you're planning to sell, no harm in putting it up towards the higher end of what you think could be possible and lower it from there until you get a bite.

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