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I would question their ability to truly tell the difference. There are plenty of people who have access to sealing hardware, and if it came down to making hundreds of dollars by resealing rare boxes with a big rock inside, I think there are people who could pull one over on them. Of course, the buyer will never open the thing and so will be forever in the dark about it, and no one will be there to call out VGA or WATA on their errors.

Has that ever actually happened though? I imagine VGA is extremely meticulous with verifying fakes

and your point made me remember something Ive done on my Youtube channel where I weigh legitimate cartridges so you have an ides of what a legit game should be. they should do that with sealed games so as that its one more way to verify authenticity

I used to watch Pawn Stars a lot and people would bring in documents from former presidents and what not and some of it would turn out to be fake. very easy to fake these things. its even worse in the coin collecting hobby. lots of scumbags out there