So I have one of the original fat backward compatible model PS3s. I've own it since I guess the second year after the launch, but I've only used it to play PS2 games with. I've never played any PS3 games on it before -- I've loaded one, but never actually played one. Anyway, I finally decided to play a PS3 game, and so I put in Resistance: Fall of Man, and after starting a game and playing for a few minutes, my character gets gunned down and dies, and the screen goes black...and the game never comes back on.

After quite a few minutes I get an error message saying:

An error occurred during the start operation

Suggested Actions

And after selecting 'Suggested Actions' there's the basic shit about checking your disc to make sure it's clean (which it is), etc.. I've seen different tutorial about file system restores and what not, and done it, but that doesn't solve the problem. It still plays PS2 games just fine, but I can't get it to play any of the PS3 games I've since tried. I did managed to start another game of Resistance a few hours later, but the exact same thing happened when I died. (how apropos)

I've seen tutorials saying to clean the Blu-Ray lens on the slimline models and that it fixes the problem, but I've read others comment elsewhere online saying that it's a recent firmware update problem. Does anyone here have any advice on his? Thanks.