So the Uncarded game was released on the Playstation Store yesterday for $5. It includes cards based off of Uncharted, Uncharted Golden Abyss, and Uncharted Eye of Indra. Expansions for Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 cards and extra opponents are $2.99 each. I wasn't interested at first, but after I saw the video it didn't look too bad, and for $5, I decided to pick up the basic game.

There's a help option which you can go through on how to play the game, but instead of going through it, play the first match up instead which walks you through how to play. When playing the first match it doesn't tell you about combos and stuff, but you'll probably get that while you play. Now the game is extremely simple. It's still fun, but in comparison to games like Magic, XenoCard, Yugioh, etc, it doesn't have a lot of strategic depth.

Your first phase is the ability to lay down a faction card. These are your attack cards. There's three factions. Hero, Villain, and Mercenary. Under each section you might have a specific amount of points. Think of the points as your mana pool for each faction. You gain one point each turn, and some cards add an additional point to certain factions either immediately or every turn. When placing a faction card, you place it on one of five battle locations. Once a card is placed it can't move to a different location. It's going to be at that location. You can replace one location with another faction card if you want, but I haven't found the value in doing that unless you have five locations already full. Just like other card games of this type. Every card but a specific few can't attack during that turn and has to wait until the next turn.

Your next phase is your fortune phase. You draw one of three random fortune cards. The fortune card will display a certain amount of fortune points. These points allow you to use resource cards which I'll explain next. You can either bank the fortune card for five points, or you can place it on a faction card in battle and there are a few ways you can get the fortune cards full value. Certain faction cards allow you to bank a fortune card for its full value at the beginning of your next turn, some allow you to bank your points upon being set on the table(say you have a different attack card there and it has a fortune card on it,) and then the final way is that if you have a fortune card on one of your faction characters, and you kill another faction character, you bank all of those points. If the enemy faction character has a fortune card connected to him and you kill him, you'll also bank his points as well.

The final phase before attacking and ending the turn is the resource phase which is how you use fortune points. You'll have a choice between six resource cards from your resource pile, and need to use one or discard one to get to the next phase. Resource cards do multiple things. Add extra hit points or attack to a faction card, restore hit points to a faction card, or damage the opponent directly as well as damaging certain faction cards. Some items give certain characters additional bonus' rather than the small bonus it might give one character. The resource cards can go from 0 fortune point cost all the way up to 50+. If you don't want to use a resource card, you can throw away a resource card to draw another from your deck next turn. If you use one, you'll also draw one from the deck so you'll always have six.

Overall it's an enjoyable card game, but the lack of depth means there won't be any intricately detailed decks like you'd find on many games of this type. At $5 it's worth the price though, and there's both online multiplayer and asynchronous online multiplayer for those who want to play against friends.