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Thread: US Gamers: Is PAL our pal?

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    Default US Gamers: Is PAL our pal?

    Can anyone tell me what's required to play PAL games if you live in an NTSC region (like the US)? Specifically, I'm interested in playing pal games on my SNES.

    Will this take care of it, or is there something else I need to do as well?

    (Also, please include in this thread any info for playing PAL games for other systems, in case someone else has a question as well.)

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    I'm in the UK, and use a lockout-disabled US machine (as in your link) for all my SNES-ing needs.
    The majority of PAL games run OK, but the later (post 95ish) region-locked PAL games also need an Action Replay 2 or similar to run on a US machine. (Yoshi's Island springs to mind)

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    Yes and No.

    That's the simplest mod you can do and for a lot of games it'll do the trick just fine, but if you just do a snip then you should be aware that any import functionality you gain will come at a price.

    I don't really want to blather on too much so I'll skip over the specifics of what the issues are and get straight to the points of the mod you're looking at.

    On the positive side, a lot of PAL games will run happily along at 60htz using a sys with the proposed mod.

    On the negative side, some PAL games won't run with that mod alone because they're not so easily fooled. Worse still You'll lose the ability to play certain US-NTSC games on your deck (I believe S. MARIO RPG would be one such example) because they use internal checks (again I'll skip the details).

    If you don't want to lose the US-NTSC functionality, then instead of just snipping, put a switch in (lockout on <-> off), it's not much more effort and it's always good to give yourself more functionality (plus it adds to the deck's value if done right :P ).

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    Dont worry about it , I recently bought Terranigma pal english , and I found a site that has a stock on the honey bee converter that allows you to play pal on a us system it just wont play any fx titles
    if you want it go to Lik sang
    U GAIZ JUST DONT LIKE CHANGE , (builds a artificial foundation here)

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