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Thread: Initials Seen in Rare-Programmed Games on the NES...

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    Default Initials Seen in Rare-Programmed Games on the NES...

    Could anyone decipher which initials (or, in the case of California Games and Marble Madness, the surnames which go with the first names) belong to which programmers, you know, those seen in the Hall of Fame high score lists after you beat a game or get Game Over in those NES games programmed by Rare Ltd.?

    So far, I know that "TDJ" is Tim Stamper and "CTJ" is his brother, Chris. This poses a question within: Why was Tim referred to as "D. J." and his brother Chris as "T. J."?

    For the Wizards & Warriors high score roll, the initials are as follows: PP, MB, CTJ, RME, SMS and TDJ (before you place high score)
    PP = Paul Proctor
    MB = Mark Betteridge
    CTJ = Chris Stamper
    RME = Rachel Edwards
    SMS = Stephen Stamper
    TDJ = Tim Stamper

    Ironsword has: UGH, STE, JON, HAM, LND, where... (before placing your high score)
    UGH = Steve Hughes
    STE = Ste Pickford
    JON = John Pickford (Ste's brother)
    HAM = Andy Miah
    LND = Lyndon Brooke

    Marble Madness uses full first names in its hall of fame list instead of initials:
    SWEEP = ???
    JULIE = ???
    TESS = ???
    BARRY = ???
    KEV = Kevin Bayless
    POPPI = ???
    RACHEL = Rachel Edwards
    PAUL = Paul Proctor
    ALI = ???

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    I always wonder who the people are with scores when space shooters and fighting games are put on console.

    Just wanted to spend a post saying that.

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    thats actually pretty neat idea... I always thought those names were just random garble that the programers added to say hey we have a highscore board... beat the cpu!

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