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Thread: I Seem to Be On a Rare Roll...

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    Default I Seem to Be On a Rare Roll...

    If you want to know why I called this topic as such, it is because I ask lots of questions here about Nintendo NES games developed by Rare, Ltd. in its 8-bit glory days (1987-94).

    What do you think about one or more titles reusing recognizable sound effects??

    Anyways, here are a few sounds that have been used in at least two games they made:

    The "Poor Seagull" sound from California Games (1989), during the Foot Bag (or Hacky Sack) event (try to hit the flying seagull with your foot bag), is the same sound from Wizards & Warriors (1987) that plays whenever Kuros strikes certain enemies (spiders, for example) with his sword, dagger or axe.

    Also in California Games, is another W&W sound. In the case of W&W, it plays whenever you collect the Meat (to restore your health) or when you play the Horn in the purple caverns to reveal the door to a hidden gem room; while in CG it plays when you make successful point moves in the Half Pipe (or Skateboarding) event.

    Yet another W&W sound was heard in a later Rare-produced game, Battletoads (1991). The sound in this case is the Potion reappear sound. When used in Battletoads, the same sound plays when a walker shows up in the first stage.

    Snake, Rattle and Roll (1990) recycles the falling sound from Marble Madness (1989). In the case of SR&R, it is lower pitched and is also accentuated by an "ARGH!" caption. Moreover, both titles have a shared gameplay style.

    Digger T. Rock: Legend of the Lost City (1990) reuses several sounds from R.C. Pro-Am (1988).

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