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Thread: This is why I collect (somewhat long)

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    Default This is why I collect (somewhat long)

    Hello, everyone. Been a lurker for who-knows-how-long (note the abysmally low post count-to-join date ratio). I've amassed a decent collection of vintage game systems, though I don't have time to play them very often. Nevertheless, I still keep them around out of respect for the history involved, as with my many other collections.

    Several years ago, one of my older cousins got rid of all his old video game systems (Colecovision and one of the Sears-branded Atari 2600s). However, he did save the games, and gave them to me a few years back. I started to formulate a plan to pay him back for his kindness, though it took several years to put it into action.

    After learning that he was going to be attending a holiday party with some of my other relatives, I dug out the bag of games he'd given me, along with my Colecovision, its Atari expansion module, and all the cables and controllers required to use them. After connecting it to the flat-screen TV and cleaning the contacts, the Colecovision fired right up.

    When I showed my cousin the Colecovision, he was thrilled. Started playing Mr. Do!, Popeye, Cosmic Ark, Tutankham, Pepper II, and several others, picking them back up as if he'd never stopped playing. Even my younger cousins got into it, playing Frogger and Donkey Kong, among others. Other than the occasional start-up glitch and the controllers being a bit unresponsive, it worked nicely the whole time.

    At the end of the day, my cousin thanked me for bringing the system and games along, which he found ironic since he'd recently watched a YouTube video chronicling several classic Colecovision games. Personally, I was just glad that someone else was able to get some enjoyment out of one of the video game systems I've accumulated, since I've typically had to play them alone. Stuff like this is the reason I collect; watching other people relive their youth through the vintage gear I've collected over the years, as well as younger folks discovering what video games used to be like in the old days.
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