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Thread: Genesis game keeps freezing/crashing

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    Default Genesis game keeps freezing/crashing

    So I was trying to play my copy of Beyond Oasis (that I bought used a month or so ago), but I keep having problems. At first I was watching the opening cut scene and the game locked up. So I pulled it out gave it a good blow (don't start) and the second time I got to the opening game scene on the beach. Before freezing up again. I gave it a third go, and this time the game ran for nearly 15 minutes, at least until I had gotten to Ali's castle. After wandering around a bit I tried to save my game, but it wouldn't let me (I assume I was just somewhere you couldn't save) but when I backed out of the menu, my character sprite was garbled, and then the game froze again.

    Is my game probably defective? Is there anything I can do?

    I've also got a copy of Golden Axe II that will not boot up at all.
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    Get some quetips, windex (or Isopropyl alcohol), a stiff card (like a credit card), and a soft cloth like one for cleaning glasses.

    Put some windex on the quetip then remove most of it untill damp and with little moisture. Clean the pins in the cartridge thoroughly then wipe them down with the dry end.
    Then wrap the cloth around the credit card, put some windex on the card's egde again remove most of it until damp with little moisture. Use the card to clean the cart slot on the genesis by pushing it in and out trying to clean out all of the dust and dirt.

    Make sure your cart and the cart slot on your console are clean and dry, then try playing the game. If you still have problems try another console and this can help you isolate your problem if it is your game or your console.

    If your having problems with other games on the same console, try cleaning the cartridge slot thoroughly.
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