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Thread: Gameklip, android gaming at its finest

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    Default Gameklip, android gaming at its finest

    I've used one of these thing for about 3 weeks now with my Note 2 and its a fantastic piece of equipment

    Originally they used a custom mount for each individual phone model but now they released a universal mount which composes of the clip itself with heavy adhesive and a cheap rubber case for your phone. I was a little apprehensive about this settup but its solid so far and I have no worries about my phone falling out or the clip becoming detached from the adhesive, even so you could easily drill a couple of holes through both with screws for a more secure foundation. Its pretty sweet on its own with a wired connection (miniUSB male to male microUSB) as several games and pretty much all emulators have either a joypad control option or a keyboard option that is easily mapped. It was surprising to find out that, at least on my phone, the PS3 controller is immediately recognized as a USB controller without rooting.

    However with rooting and the Six-Axis app it totally blew me away. Without these you have to use a wired connection to use a six-axis with your phone but not only do they enable fairly simple blutooth pairing but it also has a ton of emulation options for the controller itself. I've played around with it for a bit and the touch emulation works much better then I originally thought. I can now play games like N.O.V.A. 3 (gameloft Crisis/halo clone) and the android NFS Most Wanted with an actual controller.

    If you have an android phone and enjoy emulators/gaming on it I can't recommend this thing enough.

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    That is cool.
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