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Thread: Could someone with the Ghostbusters PS3 game and a Bluray drive do me a favor?

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    Default Could someone with the Ghostbusters PS3 game and a Bluray drive do me a favor?

    I'm doing some research on the Ghostbusters game, and I need some help. I'm basically looking for a list of files contained in the PS3 disc. I don't know if you can just stick the disc in a Bluray drive and browse it with Windows Explorer or not, like you can with PS1 and PS2 games. But if you can, would you please help and get me the file list and file sizes?

    I'm basically trying to confirm some suspicions of mine about the game's assets - like whether or not the PC version uses different models than the console versions. The PC version is 6 GB and torrent sites say the PS3 ISO is 12 GB or so, and I'm trying to figure out if the extra size is due to the high definition Blu-Ray video content, or if the resource files have a higher resolution in the consoles.

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