Hey Everyone,

"My name is classics19 and I am a Resident Evil dork" this is what I feel like saying when I talk about Resident Evil as it's like an AAA meeting. I've been a Resident Evil nerd since it's release in 1996. To say how much of a dork I am, my collection includes actions figures, statues, a slot machine, comics, jewelry, lighters, bobble heads, hot toys, snow globes, games (even from different countries), collectors editions, posters, movies, soundtracks and the list goes on. The games have really grab my interest in 96 and I have been hooked since then. My thoughts of each game:

Resident Evil:Was one of the best in the series as it's an instant classic! The cheesy line to giant creatures trying to kill you. This game scared the crap out of me but I still love to go back and play it every now and then. The remake was amazing! The fact that Capcom remade the entire game from start to finish and added more to it really kept me on the edge of my seat.

Resident Evil 2:Was another classic, I love the fact that they had two different stories for both characters. Although Sherry would piss me off because she's one of those characters you would just love to watch get killed and she always put Claire in danger (like the alligator fight). I enjoyed playing as the two new characters and visiting the S.T.A.R.S. office to visit the desks of Wesker, Barry, Jill, Chris and Rebecca. This game took the series up a notch.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis:It was good but too short. I was happy to see Jill Valentine come back but towards the end of the game I kind of lost interest in the story. It was fun being chased by Nemesis because he would just pop up out of nowhere and your like "OH S***!". Fun but too short.

Resident Evil Code Veronica:This was a fun game but EXTREMELY too long! Don't get me wrong, I was happy for it to be as long as it was but it's one of those games that is like "ok today is a boring day, I'm going to spend the day with Code Veronica". I love that they brought Claire Redfield back and her finding Chris but they also show a softer side to Claire and make her let her rebel guard down. This game was enjoyable.

Resident Evil 4:Everyone raves about this game, saying this is what made Resident Evil what it is and that is not true at all! Resident Evil started it all, part 2 was the one putting it on the map. People seem to forgot where Leon originated from and completely forgot the past games. Although 4 was decent and I love the chainsaw guy chasing you around, I seem to forget this title more than any of them.

Resident Evil 5:I enjoyed as I knew before I played the game Jill was "bird lady", because they wouldn't just kill a main character without explaining. I was happy for the 2-player co-op feature as well as the mercenaries being two players. When they released "Lost In Nightmares" I could play that side story many times as fighting Wesker with Jill and Chris is always fun. The story line to the game was kind of blah but it was a lot of fun.

Resident Evil 6:I still currently hooked on the game, I can say it's not the best Resident Evil title but it was great to see some of the characters like Sherry return as a grown woman, Ada still up to her old tricks, Leon raging over the president's death and Chris still trying to figure out what is worth fighting for. I am not going to lie, there are something that upset me about this game such as Chris being an alcoholic and they don't talk about Jill or Claire which both of them were tied in to Chris. They mention Claire for a second but that is it. Rumor had it that Jill was going to have her own chapter but now because that was aired out, Claire might get her own chapter.

I could go on with all the side games like Outbreak (which was great), Revelations (another amazing game), Mercenaries 3D, Survivor, Dead Aim and others. But what's your favorite Resident Evil game and who's your favorite character?