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Thread: Bizarre thought re: PS1 NTSC & PAL

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    Default Bizarre thought re: PS1 NTSC & PAL

    OK, I have a modded PS1 with an LCD screen. Here's a thought I've always wondered about: could I conceivably play PAL games on that screen? I understand I wouldn't be able to run it out to a TV (well, I could since I do have PAL-NTSC conversion gear in the Escape Pod), but would the LCD screen display a PAL game without any problems?

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    Hmm, good question... I know the PS2 is capable of handling a PAL sized video frame, possibly using the same speed game clock. The PS1 might work as well, though my original PSX (1001) locks up dead when something tries to switch to PAL video mode. So you have a couple of possible results: the PSOne freezes, it displays just fine, or - most likely - it displays on the LCD, but the image is transposed down or runs off the bottom of the screen. See if there's a European version of the LCD, and if so, does it appear any different? How about the model numbers?

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    I'm not sure, but I believe I heard there's a PAL to NTSC boot disc for the PSX you can download and burn.

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