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Thread: I Need Your Help With My Youtube Channel.

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    Default I Need Your Help With My Youtube Channel.

    Hey. I'm an avid collector of video games and vintage electronics.
    I recently started a series of video tutorials on my youtube channel to show people how to clean, refurbish, maintain, and mod their vintage consoles.
    I am very detail oriented, and I have no intention of adding to all of those crappy, shaky, out of focus, mumbling, difficult to follow video "tutorials" that plague youtube and cause people to ruin their consoles. I have a ton of experience with refurbishing and modding (I've been doing it since I was 15... 14 years... damn I'm old.) and would like to show other people how to do everything clean and correct.

    Here's where I need some help:
    I need console, cartridge, and controller donations.
    Don't get me wrong, it seems hella fishy, and I wouldn't want to fork over my loot to some jerk on the internet either... but it's for the good of vintage gaming.

    Nothing needs to be functional... or even in very good condition.
    I'll give you a specific list of what I need for upcoming videos;

    2 Famicoms for AV modding (I'm willing to pay for these, simply because it'll be impossible to get them otherwise.)
    This can also be done by you loaning me yours, I'll mod it for free, and then I'll return it.

    Some moderately to badly yellowed NES, SNES, and Gameboy consoles (they don't have to function at all) for showing different ways to re-bright the plastic.

    Unresponsive NES Zapper (I actually know how to fix them... for real)

    A dead Sega Genesis model 1 (for re-capping, halt switch, overclock, region unlock, composite video, and s-video mods)

    Here's a trailer for the start of my series. Actual episodes will be much cleaner and have much smoother editing, as a considerable amount of time and care will go into each one. I've dug out all of my old light rigs, and I'm getting a new HD camera... it's gonna be sweet.

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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