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Are any of those CIV games not stomped under the boot of the DRM frontend known as Steam? I know Civ5 is a lost cause, but I'm curious about the other two. I miss playing the game, the original was a favorite and #2 wasn't too bad but I can't get that stuff running in Win7 64bit which sucks balls (same with Sim City Classic but I have Micropolis for that at least.)

Nevermind saw the red fine print well down the page. I'm out. If anyone ever learns out how to hack out steam support I'd be up for some Civ5, the others you can get at used shops cheap still.
What's the problem with Steam? I mean, if you're worried about having to be online all the time, Steam's offline mode received an upgrade recently and you don't have to be online all the time to play stuff as long as you log in before going offline.