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Thread: My Easter Basket (2013)

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    Smile My Easter Basket (2013)

    Continuing our tradition, I received a new game themed basket this Easter. This year she went with a retro Pac-Man theme. She used the same type of basket as last year's Sonic Theme basket, and decorated it in a similar fashion (with inlaid dots similar to the gold Sonic rings), but it's every bit as cool, IMO.

    The basket contained:

    • Pac-Man Hoodie
    • Pac-Man 2 Piece Ceramic Cups Set
    • Pac-Man Fleece throw blanket
    • Pac-Man 'Ghost' Light w/Remote
    • Pac-Man Arcade Shaped Candy Tin
    • Pac-Man Chain Wallet
    • Pac-Man Cookie Cutter Set
    • Pac-Man Adhesives Bandages in Metal Tin (x2)
    • Pac-Man Power Up (x2) and Bonus Fruit (x2) Energy Drinks
    • Pac-Man Plushy Toys (these were actually just some of the ornaments from our 2011 Pac-Man Christmas Tree)
    • Turbo Views Vol. 1 and 2 DVDs
    • Retro Style Baby Ruth Candy Tin
    • Retro Style Life Savers Candy Tin
    • Retro Style Nestle Crunch Candy Tin

    The Ghost Light is especially awesome. It comes with a remote and can be set to 15 different colours, so you can set it to your favorite ghost. It can also do transitional effects, like flashing, strobing, fading, etc.

    My Baskets from previous years: 2012 Sonic The Hedgehog, 2011 Super Mario 25th Anniversary, 2010 HALO, 2009 Resident Evil, 2008 Zelda, 2007 Super Mario

    I made my wife a Zombie themed basket. Zombies are sort of her passion:

    I filled it with Naomi, a Goth Pullip Style Doll (she has tattered stockings and clothes, and was as close to a zombie (or survivor) Pullip as I could find). This is her third Pullip, and she's redoing her bedroom (yes, her bedroom -- I stay in my cave upstairs), so we'll have to get shelves or a curio to display them. There's also the book 'World War Z', the first season of The Walking Dead on DVD, a pair of zombie contact lenses (white), Andes thin mints, Hersey's Dark kisses, Darkside Skittles, a few Monster High favors, a block letter of her first initial, and a fingernail clipper and sharpener/file set.

    It took all day to piece it all together. The flowers were a bitch to attach, but stringing the vines was the worst. Making the crosses/grave markers was actually pretty fun. I bought a bunch of mermaid dolls from the Dollar Tree and ripped their arms off and spray painted them with green Krylon Fusion plastic bonding spray paint. She said it was her favorite basket and doll to date.

    Her baskets from previous years: 2012 Harayuku, 2011 Floral, 2010 Birds, 2009 Butterflies


    My mother-in-law passed away early January. We flew to California in mid-December when we got the news that she had stage 4 lung cancer. She found out only 2 days before she was supposed to come and visit us for the holidays. Well, because of what happened, we never did Christmas gift exchanges, so we recently decided to do Christmas and Easter together and call it 'ChrEaster'. It may become a tradition every year since it's very hard to think about having Christmas without her family, having lost both of her parents less than 3 years apart.

    She coordinated my gift wrap to match my Basket's Pacman theme:

    For ChrEaster I received a ton of awesome non-Pac related shit.

    • Kinect Star Wars Limited Edition XBOX 360
    • Cuisinart Premier Series Coffee Pot (my old one died last year, this is a god send)
    • Star Trek TOS Enterprise Door Chime
    • 8-Bit Gamer Christmas Wreath w/LEDs
    • 8 Count Hot Sauce Variety Pack
    • 12 Christmas Coffee Variety Pack
    • Ignite Radio Controlled Talon Flyer Apache Helicopter
    • Power Up Arcade Light Switch (This thing is amazing, it's an arcade style joystick and 2 button overlay for your light switch)

    Anyone else get any Easter Goodies?
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    I got a bar or two of candy.

    But holy crap, does the chocolate not taste good while reading this thread.

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