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Thread: did importing kill the NEO market in the USA?

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    Default did importing kill the NEO market in the USA?

    Before the current resurrgence, of course. Its bad enough that the carts cost hundreds of dollars, but did SNK USA really expect western NEO fans to wait for US releases when the Japanese versions were already available? And add to the fact that the Jp consoles allowed for some uncensored gameplay. Did importing kill the USA market?
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    Never had the system. I think the $650 price tag plus $200+ per game did a fine job of killing that system. Only Japanese are hardcore enough to support that to any level.

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    I'm not convinced SNK was ever really that serious about the US market after the first couple of years. Nor do I really think importing was ever much of a concern for SNK, given the fact that you need to do absolutely nothing special to play a non US cart in a US machine.

    If SNK was serious about the US market, they would have stepped up the US releases and not released some titles in such limited quantites. I'll have to go with the conventional wisdom that it was the cost of the system that killed it more than anything else.

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    Word is the Barone's were NOT the right family for the job...

    However much a part "poor" management played, SNK-Japan's financial situation was the real reason they closed down shop in the USA. Can't imagine imports had the slightest effect...

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