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Thread: Diablo 3 Treasure Hunting story

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    Default Diablo 3 Treasure Hunting story

    He used to be a local official, a local guard. He on the go treasure hunting, that these things continue to be found in the dark days. When the guards in a large grave mining, a huge, covered with tentacles and disgusting monsters drilled out from the inside. The dying traveler to describe the nausea monsters - or he called the Unburied bio - swelling of the body is composed of a lot of stench of decaying corpses. Its body a lot of long ugly head, the mouth covered canines, Liuzhuokoushui. That travelers lucky day, but when a group of people came to help him fight the creature, they are dismayed to find that this monster forces have spread too much, so that they all work together to can not be defeated. In order to rescue the travelers, they put up a valiant battle with the monster. Regardless of danger, to stop the monster continue to burst into the village slaughtered innocent. The traveler is the last survivor in the village. He proudly told me that they succeeded in eliminating the nausea Xingshi of. Then he died.

    Born due to human pain, Shimo to the resentment of the people for food. Whenever the body is free to the burial place, Shimo will appear. I have to wonder whether this is God's punishment, a trial we cannibalism. But making these reasons is it? What is the intensification of these things? Why is this creature brought fear and general zombies and skeletons completely different?
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