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Thread: Gameboy DMG-01 clone SY-3000b

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    Default Gameboy DMG-01 clone SY-3000b

    Hello everyone and greets from Belarus and soory for my English =) !
    Little backstory...
    Many years ago, at the middle of the 90's i've got a Taiwanese GB clone SY-3000b for my birthday, that is also known as Fortune Hand Game SY-3000b or Bitman 3000b (on the Russian market). I used to play it, when i was a child, but then i got another system (Nes clone Subor), and i forgot about my sy-3000b. For almost 15 years it was hide in my wardrobe. I grew up, qot married, moved to my own apartment, and found my console in my parents house...

    The housing case of system is gray, overall condition is very good, ext. port and battery compartment have original covers. The system is fully working - I've tested it using GB original cartridges and USB Smart Card. All buttons are working, there is no dead pixels on lcd, there is no rust on electrical contacts and dirt outside and inside of the system. The pirate BIOS inscription is TTK instead of Nintendo.

    The only issues are - there is no any inscriptions on shelf case and screen protector, there is some scratches on screen protector, there is some sizzle, when you changing loudness. Oh, by the way, the games are running rather faster, than original Nintendo GB - i think that it is a problem of all gameboy clones.

    And my question - What's it Worth? I think i'ts a rather rare stuff.

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    Hard to say... It's pretty uncommon probably, but being a clone, it may not be worth much. Probably the best way to find out is put it up for auction and see what happens.
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