Hi, I just introduce you to the community a shooter 2d vertical scrolling that I developed for PC (Windows and Linux). The story allows the player to play as a pilot of the Japanese air force to confront U.S. forces to recover a special project.

I started the development of X-Blaster Dominator during the month of November 2012 using C # and XNA (I'm novice in programming). After being advanced development, I finally start from scratch in C++ passing with SFML. But I would definitely work with XNA for offer a version for the Xbox 360 if as requested by players.

X-Blaster Dominator has 5 levels playable on three levels of difficulty (easy, normal and hard). There are 15 types of enemies and four bosses. The player has two types of weapons and a special attack to destroy any ennemis in the area.

Currently the game is available in beta 0.3 with the level 1. News and changes should come in the next versions. So you can download and try X-Blaster Dominator by visiting this page: http://injection-studio.com/beta-of-...ter-dominator/

Thank you for to take the time to read the instructions on game controllers. Linux users can download a binary or install the game directly from Arch Linux and Fedora. A package for Ubuntu and OpenSuse should arrive within the week.