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Thread: Randy Fromm's Arcade School

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    Default Randy Fromm's Arcade School

    I was reading the June 1982 issue of Electronic Games (It's a good year and I needed some Pac-Man tips! ) when I noticed an advertisement for "Randy Fromm's Arcade School." I've been casually looking into ways to learn how to maintain and repair arcade video games and electronic pinball machines for my own future personal parlor, and these course materials sounded like they could be just right for what I want to know. But would such a operation still be in business 31 years later? Amazingly enough, it's been three decades and Randy Fromm's Arcade School is still holding classes and selling educational materials!

    So my questions are, "How good are Randy Fromm's books and videos?" and, "Are they worth the money?" Thanks for your opinions.
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    It's not exactly what you're asking for, but it's relevant: There's a good knowledge base on arcade game repairs here, specifically here and of course the Forum and some other places (KLOV probably) are well-respected too.

    Good luck with this, we need all the people doing good repair work we can!

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    I'm not 100% positive that the YouTube videos he put up are the same videos that he sells, but here is a link to part one: might give you a better idea of what the videos he has for sale. I've heard that the videos and books he has are really helpful though, just kind of expensive.

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