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Thread: Selling off large chunks of collection - Neo Geo, GBA, N64, Nintendo DS, PS1...

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    Default Selling off large chunks of collection - Neo Geo, GBA, N64, Nintendo DS, PS1...

    I'm currently liquidating large chunks of my collection. Virtually everything (unless otherwise noted) is complete in box (CIB) and virtually everything is in excellent condition. This is all clean, adult owned stuff that comes from a non-smoking home.

    I would really prefer to move large chunks of this at once - if you would like to take all or most of it I will give you an incredible discount.
    PM me for pictures of anything and everything upon request. Please be serious though. Send me an offer or ask me price out what you want - looking for fair deals so I have some money to put towards a security deposit. Thanks guys!

    The list:

    Neo Geo Pocket Color

    • Neo Geo Pocket Color - Stone Blue (CIB)
    • Bust-a-move pocket (CIB)
    • Metal Slug: First Mission (CIB)
    • Match of the Millennium (CIB)
    • Neo Turf Masters (CIB)
    • Dark Arms (CIB)
    • Faselei! (CART ONLY)

    Gameboy Advance ALL CIB

    • Golden Sun
    • Yoshi's Island
    • Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls
    • Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
    • Pokemon Gold Edition
    • Super Mario Advance

    Gameboy Color

    • Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 (CIB)

    Playstation 2 Dragon Quest VIII slime controller. This controller has been opened, but is in its original packaging with ALL inserts. Totally functional as a controller, has a stand for display. See more here -

    Video Game Plushies

    • Official Mr. Saturn plusie from Japan - from Mother 3/Earthbound 2 - still has all original tags
    • Official FFX chocobo plushie - has all original tags
    • Official Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior metal slime plushie - still has all original tags
    • Official Harvest Moon dog, duck and cow plushies - all have original tags

    Playstation One (PSX) longbox games ALL CIB

    • Cyberspeed
    • Kileak: The DNA Imperative
    • Viewpoint
    • Doom - Playstation Collectors Edition

    Nintendo 64 BOXES/MANUALS - NO GAMES, simply boxes/manuals - some have inserts, some don't

    • The Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition
    • Harvest Moon 64
    • Conkers Bad Fur Day
    • Super Mario 64
    • Pilotwings 64
    • Starfox 64 (no manual)
    • Dr. Mario 64
    • Mario Kart 64
    • Diddy Kong Racing
    • Nintendo 64 console box

    Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) (ALL CIB except for console)

    • Super Famicom w/ one original controller and original hook ups - NOT YELLOWING
    • Mother 2
    • Chrono Trigger
    • Final Fantasy IV
    • Final Fantasy V
    • Final Fantasy VI
    • Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2)
    • Super Mario Kart
    • Super Mario RPG
    • Super Metroid
    • Donkey Kong Country

    Nintendo Wii ALL CIB

    • No More Heroes
    • No More Heroes 2 - Desperate Struggle
    • Mad World
    • Red Steel
    • A Boy and His Blob
    • Arc Rise Fantasia
    • Phantom Brave
    • Pikmin (Wii Play Control)
    • Trauma Center: Second Opinion
    • Punch Out!

    Nintendo Gamecube ALL CIB

    • F-Zero GX
    • Turok: Evolution
    • Defender
    • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds

    Playstation 3 ALL CIB

    • White Knight Chronicles
    • Metal Gear Solid 4
    • Grand Theft Auto 4

    Nintendo DS ALL CIB

    • Harvest Moon DS
    • Valkyrie Profile
    • Pokemon Platinum
    • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
    • Nintendo DS lite box, insert and manual (for red version)


    • Final Fantasy X Tidus metal lunchbox (has minor dent in top)
    • Final Fantasy X Yuna metal lunchbox
    • Neo Geo CDZ box, insert and manual
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    Xbox LIVE


    PM sent.
    Atari: 2600, Jaguar
    Microsoft: XBox, XBox 360
    Nintendo: NES, GB, GBC, SNES, N64, GameCube, GBA SP, Wii, New 3DS, Wii U
    Sega: SMS, Genesis, Game Gear, Nomad, Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, Dreamcast
    Sony: PS1, PS2, PS3
    Wanted: 7800, Neo Geo CD

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    PM sent.

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    That makes three.
    My feedback
    Looking to sell Valkyrie Profile for the Playstation. PM me if you're interested.

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