Hi Guys!

I am looking for some videopac or odyssey 2 stuff.
Maybe you have something for trade.

You can offer all your games.

i am searching for

60+ Transamerican Rally
61 Interpol
62+ Clay Pigeon
63+ Flash Point
64 Shark Hunter
65 Spider Man

Sea Rescue Videopac Style

Computer Modul C7420 boxed
The Voice boxed

Tutankham in Parker Style or other

Imagic Games:
Demon Attack

Lord of the Dungenon

56 in 1
57 in 1
59 in 1
61 in 1
72 in 1
128 in 1
205 in 1

Kill the attacking aliens (KTAA)
Planet Lander!
Pong for Videopac and Odyssey2
Puzzle Piece Panic!

Power Lords (original)
Power Lords (retrogenesis copy)

Mission Impossible / Programm Trip

g7200 complete
g7400 complete

you can also offer me jopac and odyssey 2 games.

maybe someone of you have a few for sell.

please send me a mail or a pm.

my mail is

many thanks.