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Thread: For sale: Asian N64 game, Famicom rarities (Dr. Mario 2), Unlicensed Game Boy Games, Official Chinese GB, etc (20% off sale)

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    Default For sale: Asian N64 game, Famicom rarities (Dr. Mario 2), Unlicensed Game Boy Games, Official Chinese GB, etc (20% off sale)

    Games for Sale: Dr. Mario 2 (FC), Economics Cart (FC), Game Boy Multicarts (boxed)

    Famicom / NES

    Boy Soccer Team 3 & Boy Soccer Team 4 - $10 (2 copies)

    Sheng Huo Lie Zhuan - $20
    Original RPG by C&E, a company that had made many games for American Video Entertainment

    Baseball Game - $5

    32 in 1 Multicart - $7

    Dr. Mario 2 - $40
    Nice remake of Dr. Mario, has special modes, can play with different backgrounds, etc. Only very few of these have surfaced.

    Mahong Game w/ special controller - $15

    Economics Software with paperwork - $10

    NES Game Pack - $21
    This set contains Chinese Chess (boxed, although the one side needs restuck), Pinball (Official Asian Version) and Kung Fu (official Asian version)

    Controller Button Replacements - $5, both sets
    Honestly surprised that these haven't been sold yet, considering all of the guys that collect hardware and weird stuff like that, but oh well.

    Game Boy

    Unlicensed Game Pack - $45
    Includes the four unlicensed Sachen games and the pirate Pokemon game.

    Official China (CHN) Game Boy Game Pack - $60
    Six games, $60 total. These are the hard to find CHN versions of the games, and they don't turn up often.

    Bootleg Game Boy Game #1 - $12
    This one is CIB, barely used.

    Bootleg Game Boy Game #2 - $12
    This one is CIB, barely used.

    Donkey Kong 94 - $7
    This one could be a bootleg, could be real, I honestly don't know. What I do know is that the game won't hold a save.

    Gowin Game #1 - $12

    Gowin Game #2 - $12

    NES World does a nice write-up about Gowin and its games, here:

    Gowin's unlicensed Game Boy games are quite fun, imo, and I have spent a lot of time playing through and winning most of them. If these ones don't sell this round, they'll probably go back in my collection.

    King Fighters 168 in 1 - $25

    8 in 1 - $25

    The King of Fighters and 8 in 1 multicarts have boxes that are in fantastic condition, and these were manufactured during the early 1990s, as opposed to in modern times. Very hard to find these days.

    Donkey Kong - $5

    Probably a pirate, cart does not save.

    Super Nintendo / Super Famicom

    Dragon Ball Z 2 - $5

    Star Fox - $10


    Japanese N64 Baseball Games - $8 for the set
    These are new old stock, and are for the Japanese N64. If these aren't cleared out by the next time I go through my game stuff in July, the garbage lady gets them.

    Sim City 64 - $20
    CIB Japanese-exclusive N64 game, and a fun game to boot.

    Mario Party - $20
    Japanese N64 Mario Party, CIB. Manual and Mini Game Manual are included, but I forgot to get them out when I took the picture. Everything is in great condition.

    Mario Party 2 - $20
    Japanese N64 Mario Party 2 game, CIB. As with the above game, forgot to get the manual out when taking the picture.
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