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Thread: New to imports looking for recommendations

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    Default New to imports looking for recommendations

    Mainly for PS3 and PSP games as they are region free. I have some extra retro consoles but the purist in me won't mutilate them just to make them region free. When the time comes I will just import the console I want to play imports for.

    That said I am not into anime or the whole young girls and boys anime themes. I also don't like gundams. I like robots but only certain kinds. Johhny-5 and Terminator are cool but I'm not a big fan of R2-D2.

    I do like shooters and bullet hell shooters. I am a fast player so I always excel at these types of games where timing is a required skill. I do like rpgs but like I said I tend to get bored with all the cliché ones out now with anime girls. I liked RPG's back in PS1 days.

    That said is there anything import friendly or should I turn around and stop wasting my time? I browse this section often and I am only aware of a few of the popular titles. Most of what I see is gibberish to me.

    I have tried this before and it didn't work out, it felt as if I was importing just for the sake of importing when really there is nothing I actually want to play that's is from another region.

    I have been looking at resident evil revelations on play asia. It's $18 bucks for the Korean version and even though I can use the DLC on my main account I can't be arsed by going through Korean text in order to be able to create a Korean account. So if I import it I won't play the DLC. I have always wanted to import a resident evil game as I do love the franchise and learned since a little kid that it's called Bio-hazard in Japan.

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    For PSP, Gunhound EX is one of my favorites. It is a spiritual successor to Cybernator/Target Earth/Assault Suit Valken.
    PlayAsia was selling it for around $30 shipped.
    You'll need to look up a tutorial for the weapon customization (check the forum)

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