Well heres my story:
I bought SOCOM on ps2 last year on Aug 28th, and i was totaly hooked on that game, i mean REALLY ADDICTED. I played and played, but at the time the player ranking system was disabled. So i kept on playing the game, about 12 hours on the weekends, and 8 hours on weekdays (yes i had school eventualy). So finaly one day the ranking system was up. I expected my rank to be high, but to my suprise i was ranked 30th in the world! I was sooo happy that I played even more than usualy.

Eventualy the servers had lag problems, and they had o take down the ranking system since it was the cause of all the lag, Im pretty sure they look it down when i was ranked about 25th...
Well i still kept on playing and FINALY they put ranks back up, and i was ranked #20, the highest i would ever reach. But at the time there were cheaters above me, about 5 cheaters who used codebreakers to get theirranks as high as possible, so really i was ranked 14-16 but there was nothing i could do about it. And now that socom is populated with cheaters, everyday more and more of them pass me by, like 20 a day, i am now ranked 1000 something.
Yes i have been playing socom for nearly a year straight with NO BREAKS.
And incase you are wondering how they figure out your rank, you get 260 points per kill, and i had about 25 million points, so thats alot of kills wont u say?
and i got about 10-15 kills a game, which is VERY good, if you have played socom u know u cant easily pull off a frag fest of like 100 kills a game. The most kills i have ever had was 32.

Sorry i put you through reading this, but thats my most proud videogaming accomplishment i have ever done