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Thread: New idea for displaying video games.

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    Default New idea for displaying video games.

    I just thought of this. Take photographs of every single game in 3D.

    If someone has the money to do it, place a game standing up on a stand, then with a revolving highi speed 3D camera, take constant pictures as you create a full circle around the games packaging.

    Then run the site in both 2D and 3D capable. Whether they're watching in 2D or 3D, it'd load a small flash file which they can turn it left or right to make the game circle around where they could look at it from any angle from either 2D or 3D.

    I'm too lazy to do this, plus I only own 800 games, not nearly as much as a lot of people here do. Giving you guys the idea though. It might sound like a stupid idea, but so did an Angry Birds style game before Angry Birds was released, and look where that stupid sounding idea got them.
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