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Thread: NES audio issues

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    Default NES audio issues

    I have a regular NES hooked up to my Commodore 1702 via AV cables to the front. When playing games, I have noticed audio differences (like distortion). For instance, when zelda throws the sword in zelda 1, it sounds like a static explosion whereas how it's supposed to sound which is nothing alike. Also, in super mario bros 3, the first level music sounds like a high pitched static snare drum (compared to, they sound nothing alike.

    I wanted to see if he anybody had any ideas what could be causing this? I have been hesitant to play any more games on the system (which is why I only give the comparative examples with these 2 games) just because I don't know if it could possibly damage something (i know it sounds unlikely but it's also just unpleasant to play with distorted audio). Thanks for any help.

    P.S. For what it's worth, I have hooked the same NES with same connections and same games to another TV, with the same exact things happening. I have not yet tried hooking it up via an RF adapter as I don't have one at the moment (I'm not sure how I don't have one of these lol).

    edit: Also, the NES has also been giving me the white flashing screen problem which I think is caused by the lockout chip if I'm not mistaken. I just recently bought this system and it didn't have this issue at first but must have developed it recently, I didn't play it enough to distinguish if it had sound issues when I first got it however.

    SORRY for the wall of text and thanks again for any help.
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    Did you open it and check your solder points?

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