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    Default FS: Lots of random gaming goodies and DVDs

    I owe a friend a bit of money and I need to pay him back, so I'm listing all of these items at low prices to raise cash to give him. These prices are lower than eBay and Amazon's, even after discounting their cut of the sales. Shipping is -not- included and is extra. Depending on the items you buy, I can ship things inside flat rate padded envelopes for five-ish bucks.

    Codex: Daemonhunters - ISBN 1-84154-361-6, EAN: 5011921939831, Product Code: 60 03 01 07 001 (2003 Copyright date on back)
    Codex: Chaos Space Marines - ISBN 1-84154-322-5, EAN: 5011921942435, Product Code 60 03 01 02 003 (2002 Copyright date on back)
    Codex: Witch Hunters - ISBN 1-84154-485-X, EAN: 5011921929283, Product Code 60 03 01 08 005 (2003 Copyright date on back)
    Codex: Necrons - ISBN 1-84154-190-7, EAN: 5011921949229, Product Code 60 03 01 10 001 (2003 Copyright date on back)
    Codex: Eldar - ISBN 1-84154-791-3, EAN: 5011921909896, Product Code 60 03 01 04 003 (2006 Copyright date on first page)
    Warhammer Lustria - ISBN 1-84154-644-5, EAN: 5011921919345, Product Code: 60 04 02 99 025 (2004 Copyright date on back)
    Set of Warhammer books and stuff. These are older editions and have wear and tear on the covers, one of them has a bent spine.
    $20 for all. These fit inside a padded flat rate envelope.

    Blade Puppet Master deluxe toy, complete in box - $20

    Babylon 5 figures, brand new in box but boxes have lots of wear - $6 for the pair.

    Set of four classic AD&D game sets from the 1980s - $40 for all four.
    AD&D books - $5 when bought with the sets above.

    Xena RPG set, complete in box - $10

    Motorhead: The World is Ours, Vol 1 (Bluray) - Import from Europe, All Region - $10
    Motorhead: 25 & Alive "Boneshaker" - PAL R2 DVD with bonus CD in DVD-sized digipak - $10
    Take both Motorhead videos for $17
    Legends of the Canyon (Classic Artists documentary) - sealed - $5
    Jimi Hendrix: The Guitar Hero (Documentary narrated by Slash, Classic Artists) - sealed, but has some crushing damage - $5

    SLAI - Steel Lancer Arena Internaitonal SEALED - $10

    Gameshark for older fat PS2s models, discs have been resurfaced - $7

    Big Star Trek game lot!

    Starfleet Academy (brand new, with a limited edition figurine)
    Star Trek The Next Generation: Klingon Honor Guard (new)
    Star Trek ConQuest Online (new)
    Star Trek: Hidden Evil (new)
    Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (box is beat up but includes game, manual / comic book and collector's edition CD)
    Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force expansion (CD in case with manual and key)
    Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen (new)
    Star Trek Away Team (new)
    Star Trek: Borg (complete)
    Star Trek: Federation Compilation (includes ST: Judgment Rites and ST: 25th Anniversary, they're in one of those annoying cardboard disc holders.)
    Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (Mac floppy version, complete)

    The new games have some wear and tear from storage and store price tags. I'd like $100 for ALL of these PLUS ACTUAL SHIPPING.

    The Terminator 2029 + The Terminator Rampage CDs - $10 for both

    Mario Teaches Typing 2 (Discs in case, discs have light scratches) - $7 each, two available

    XFPS Sniper 3.0 - This lets you plug in a keyboard, mouse or Ps2 gamepad or accessory to use it on your 360. The item has some marking caused by the cable but is otherwise fine - though untested. $10.

    These prices are based on eBay and Amazon sale prices, but with their fees and seller markups deducted. I prefer normal PayPal payments (not gifted). Please PM me if interested.
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