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    Default Old Mac Game Rarity?...

    Hey guys, so I managed to find some really cool old Mac/Apple ii games. They are all complete in box unless noted otherwise:

    -Red Baron
    -Myst (missing the disc for some reason)
    -Doom Legacy
    -Microsoft Flight Simulator
    -Scenery Pack for Flight Simulator
    -Harpoon II/2

    I've looked up these games on eBay amd Amazon, but prices fluctuate so much. I'm probably not going to sell them, but if anyone knows anything about these games, please reply.


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    Myst is one of the most common games there is for the Mac, it'll be easy to find another disc.

    I've had Descent and Doom Legacy, both are not uncommon or anything. Man, Descent was one of those games that really gave me motion sickness while playing it.

    Is Red Baron for the Apple II or the Mac? Seems like I picked up a copy for the Mac but it was for System 6 and wouldn't work on OS 8. I could be thinking of something else, though.

    Don't know about the other games, didn't have any interest in Flight Simulator or Harpoon.

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