Hey guys, first time posting, long term lurking (guys have a lot of great tips for fixing consoles, helped me fix my GamerGear and more) and I apologize in advanced if this specific problem has a fix, however from what I've searched, I really couldn't find one.

Recently I bought ANOTHER Magnavox Odyssey 2. The first one I got didn't work, but it came with a good amount of games so it wasn't a total loss, however I was recently at my local retro shop and they had an O2 with "The Voice" add on so I had to snag it. It works, and everything, even tested it in the store, however there was one problem...The 1p joystick would more or less move on its own, I decided to buy it anyways considering I can fix it. Well, I looked up on the forums and noticed that there is a fix, but I don't think it relates to my specific problem. When I got home, I opened up the console and tried switching the joysticks over to see if maybe it was isolated to just the 1p joystick, however when swapping the 2p joystick to the 1p hook up it does the same thing, kind moves on it's own. So I don't think it's so much a problem with the joysticks themselves but perhaps something on the main board? Has anyone else had this problem if so is there a fix to this? I can solder, and replace parts if need be, but if anyone has any input on this that would be great.

Thanks guys!