Final Fantasy is an interesting series. A cohesive effort mostly by name, the series has told tales of a dozen different universes while sharing threads of its origins in most of its games. Phoenix downs and summons like Shiva are almost to be expected, and to a lesser extent, so is an airship-savvy character named Cid.

As interesting as these universes are, though, sharing your thoughts with others concerning your favorite moments or, god forbid, your favorite game from the series can result in a surprisingly unreserved debate. For instance, when I say that Final Fantasy 8 is my favorite and that I think Final Fantasy 10-2 had the best battle system the series has ever seen, it feels like I'm essentially covering myself in honey and punting the nearest beehive. A dissenting opinion is expected, but I've never understood the vitrol-coated arguments about why I'm wrong to like the game that I enjoy most.

Now that I've confessed my Final Fantasy sins, it's your turn to share your thoughts on the series. What's your favorite Final Fantasy? Are there elements you think a particular entry excels at, like an exceptional soundtrack or a captivating story? Or is there simply one title that ran away with your heart, individual aspects be damned? Share your thoughts with us in the comments once you check out this week's Japanese hardware sales after the break!Continue reading Stiq Figures, September 2 - 9: Favorite Final Fantasy edition
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