Does anyone understand why in The Battle of Olympus, in one part of Tartarus you are sent back to Argolis if you take the wrong door?

The easiest way to access this wrong entrance is to take the farthest (rightmost) entrance while in the green room in Tartarus that you come to after defeating Cerberus and leaving his den. You will be at the left side of the purple sky area ("Purple Haze," anyone?) which resembles the outside of Argolis, emerging out of the bottom entrance. Jump your way up to the entrance above, and you'll be back in the real Argolis, at the door of Hermes' temple in the blue cave (from right cave door outside).

I'm not sure why the programmers at Infinity and Imagineer were dumb enough to do that?

Please note that this is the NES version... the Game Boy port may or may not have this wrong door in Tartarus.