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Thread: Selling some of my collection

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    Default Selling some of my collection

    I'm also open to trades if anyone has a 32X they're looking to get rid of, or any Fire Emblem game other than Sacred Stones for GBA, GC or Wii they no longer want, or hard to find US Dreamcast or Saturn games. Please don't contact me about trades regarding other stuff, though. All prices=USD Anyway:
    Space Harrier (it's not the fancy 3D glasses version, just the plain old 2 meg cartridge) w/box, no manual-$5
    Great Basketball w/box and manual-$2
    Great Football w/box and manual, some tearing on back label-$2
    Parlour Games w/box and manual-$12
    Action Fighter w/box and manual-$5

    Robocop, cart only-$3
    NARC, cart only-$2
    Legacy of the Wizard, cart only-$2
    R.C. Pro-AM, cart only-$3
    Othello,cart only-$3
    Xenophobe, cart only-$2

    Jungle Strike, cart only, former rental w/replacement label-$2
    Toy Story, cart only-$6
    Lagoon, cart only-$5
    Krusty's Super Fun House, cart only-$5
    Mario Paint, cart only-$2
    Robotrek, cart only-$30
    Taz-Mania, cart only-$2
    Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, cart only-$5

    Flashback, cart only-$5
    WWF Royal Rumble, cart only-$3
    Quackshot, cart only-$6
    Bubsy, cart only-$2
    Ballz, cart only-$2
    NFL '98, cart only-$1
    Micro Machines, cart only-$5
    Primal Rage, cart only-$4
    LHX Attack Chopper, cart only-$4
    Spider-Man, 1991 release, w/box no manual-$5
    Jammit, w/box and manual-$5
    Animaniacs, w/box and manual-$3
    Eternal Champions, w/box no manual-$3
    X-Men, w/box and manual-$7
    Justice League Task Force, W/box no manual-$7

    Game Boy
    Blue Game Boy Pocket, small scratches in upper left corner and bottom center of the screen, still powers on fine though and imo at least the scratches don't affect gameplay, at all-$12
    Mega Man 2, cart only-$8
    Taz-Mania, cart only-$2
    Castlevania Adventure, cart only-$5
    Ren and Stimpy: Veediots, cart only-$1
    Super R.C. Pro-Am, cart only-$2
    Play Action Football, cart only-$1
    Legend of the River King, cart only-$9

    Game Boy Color
    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, cart only-$1
    X-Men Mutant Academy, cart only-$2
    Little Nicky, cart only-$6
    Doug's Big Game, cart only-$2

    Game Boy Advance
    Spongebob Squarepants: Lights, Camera, Pants, w/box and manual-$3
    Chicken Little, cart only-$2
    Cartoon Network Speedway, cart only-$2

    Sega CD
    Heimdall, w/original case but no manual-$5
    Joe Montana NFL Football, w/original case, no manual, some damage to front of case-$1

    PC Games
    Far Cry, original box no manual-$3
    Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, original box and manual-$3
    Battlefield 2, original box no manual-$3
    Command and Conquer: Red Alert plus Counterstrike expansion. Counterstrike comes in jewel case with manual, however both of the original games discs are in random jewel cases with no manual-$2
    Freedom Force, no manual, in random jewel case-$2
    1602 A.D., no manual, in original jewel case-$5
    Monopoly Tycoon, in original jewel case, uses electronic manual-$3
    Asteroids, 1998 Activision reboot, in original jewel case, no manual-$2

    WWF Smackdown, Greatest Hits edition in original case-$2
    Tarzan, Greatest Hits edition in original case-$2

    Penny Racers, cart only, red mark on cart from rental label-$4
    Turok: Rage Wars, cart only-$5
    Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2, cart only-$2

    The Next Tetris: Online Edition, in original case w/manual, case is cracked on front-$3
    NBA 2K1, Sega All Stars release, in original case w/manual-$2
    Test Drive 6, in original case w/manual-$1
    Mars Matrix, in original case w/manual, crack on front of case-$30
    F355 Challenge Passione Rossa in original case w/manual-$8
    Armada in original case w/manual-$8
    RE: Code Veronica, in original case w/manual, crack and sticker marks on front of case, writing on manual-$5
    Deep Fighter, in original case w/manual, UPC sticker on front case-$3
    KOF 2001 Evolution, Japanese release, in original case w/manual-$15

    Medal of Honor: Frontline, PAL release, in original case w/manual-$3
    Guilty Gear Isuka, in original case w/manual-$6

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force vols 1-3, I'll do the whole set for $25 obo
    Wolverine and the X-Men boxed set, vols 1-3 of the first and I think only? season-$12

    Edit: Oh, and I have three non-working cartridges I'm willing to throw in with any purchase as freebies for those more adept at tinkering with old games than I am
    They are:
    Fatal Fury, hasn't worked since the day I bought it, no idea why
    Brutal: Paws of Fury, cartridge connect is loose, may just need to be opened up and have some screws tightened idk
    Centurion: Defender of Rome, screwy looking old EA cartridge. Has white connect, something I've never seen any other Genesis cart. I've hit it with brasso and it still won't work
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