Hey guys ,
I will post here when I have something to sell.

Prices are without shipping fees.So keep in mind that all items come from Thailand , the fees can be a bit high for fast shipping.


N64 JP
AC Adaptor 100v
Composite cable , brand new
MiniHORI pad , complete thumbstick changed
Can play JP and US games
No scratches or scuffs
Price: 45 euros


Donkey Kong 2 Super Famicom , complete , very good condition
Price: 20 euros


10 Minipad 64 HORI , 100% working
A little hole is in the front part , they all had an anti-theft chain for some reason..

Just tell me what number and colour if you're interested
Price: 25 euros


Original Megadrive games , ASIA PAL versions:
Crying ,25 euros (6 copies left only)
The Super Shinobi II ,20 euros ***SOLD***

Chinese copy games for Megadrive , NTSC versions , no box , no manual:

Tested on my modded Genesis

Musha Aleste---------22 euros (shipping fee is included)----7 in stock
Bare Knuckles III-----15 euros (shipping fee is included)----1 in stock
Splatterhouse 3------15 euros (shipping fee is included)----1 in stock
Gleylancer-----------15 euros (shipping fee is included)-----1 in stock (reserved)
Eliminate Down-------15 euros (shipping fee is included)----1 in stock (reserved)
Contra Hardcorps-----sold out

Super Famicom , Yellowed on the top only
AC Adaptor 220V
Audio/video cable
2 original controllers
Final Fight 2
Price: 50 euros


NEC PC Engine
AC Adaptor 220V
Composite video modded
1 controller
1 game : Nectaris
Price: 55 euros

PS1/PS2 Lightgun Gun Sniper , compatible Guncon 1 and 2
Price: 10 euros


Backup device SUPERCOM TWIN TS32 PRO.5 for Super Famicom/SNES
It seems to work , menu shows up on screen
But I don't know what format the games must be if I want to play backups from floppy drive.
I tried with .smc , it says "NO DISC".
Start a game from a cartridge plugged on the top of the Supercom , ok , it worked.
AC Adaptor 220V
Price: 10 euros


2x SEGA Dreamcast (JP and PAL systems)
SEGA Saturn (JP)
SNK Neo Geo AES (JP)