hese are "old new stock" meaning they've been sitting in a box somewhere in China for some time.

Now why should you buy mine over RacketBoy or SegaStyle? Glad you asked:

1)Most of these use two ribbons to connect to the Saturn which is far more tolerant of movement than those SSIC8B chips
2)Those sold by RacketBoy and SegaStyle have you insert a portion of the PCB into the slot causing it to widen somewhat. This can be exacerbated over time causing issues even with the stock ribbon
3)Mine are cheaper
4)You will be able to say that your Saturn is now Simian Approved™

Now for the nitty gritty, none of these chips are currently tested but I will test them on an as needed basis. I have worked with most of these designs in the past and here is a rough break down of compatibility:

32pin - 99.5% success rate
64pin -75-85% success rate (this largely depends on how good the ribbon is you're using and if you can figure out how to properly insert both ribbons correctly)
Sanyo - currently unknown but probably comparable to the 64pin. If anyone has a Sanyo they'd like to sell contact me.

When PMing me please let me know what type of Saturn you have and I'll see about testing the chip I'm shipping in the same model. A small minority of these chips are model 1 only or can be fitted with a socket for model 1 compatibility. I have these sockets on hand so if you'd like to give it a go be my guest; I currently lack the time to bother with figuring it out and my current model 1 Saturn seems to throw a fit anytime I try to get it to read discs. If anyone has a model 1 they'd like to sell please contact me!

Finally the asking price: $25+shipping anywhere in the world. Within the US it'll be <$5 but it largely depends on how far you are from California. Side note: don't let the picture fool you, I have 40+ units of these guys so if you need more than one don't hesitate to ask.