All items below that I am looking for are for Atari 2600 unless specified otherwise:

Beany Bopper: box, manual
Condor Attack: Ultravision T-Handle cartridge
Crash Dive: box, manual
Crazy Climber: box, manual
Espial: manual
Front Line: box, manual
Flash Point (Videopac+)
Frankenstein's Monster: box
Gravitar (silver): box, manual
Gremlins: box, manual
Gyruss: box in good condition
Parallax (C64): NTSC disk, manual
Polaris: box, manual
Porky's: box, manual
Quadrun: box, manual
Roc'N Rope: box, manual
Spy Hunter: complete
Stargunner: box, manual
Stronghold: manual
Subterranea: box
Super Bee (Brazilian Odyssey)
Survival Island (NTSC only)
Sword of Saros (NTSC only)
Tutankham (Odyssey 2/Videopac)
Wing War (PAL): manual, box

I am also looking for the following gaming-related items:

Activision patches:
Secret Society of the Dolphins
Dreadnaught Destroyer (Intellivision version)
Beamrider (half-moon)

Atari patches: Video Game Masters, Centipede World Championship

Data Age Video Game Club of America newsletter, membership card, catalog, accessories/merchandise

Imagic dealer catalogs, shirts, posters, and promotional items

Besides the above, I am always interested in good quality reproductions of unreleased Atari 2600 games.

Please PM me if you have anything from this list you're looking to trade or sell.