Has anyone who played both California Games and Wizards & Warriors on the NES noticed that the sound effects heard in the former game were taken from the latter game? That is no doubt the genius of Rareware soundman David Wise.

This is where you draw the comparisons:
The special point bonuses in CG play the same sound as when Kuros collects meat or plays the Horn in the Purple Caves to reveal doors to hidden gem rooms in W&W.
Hitting the seagull in the Foot Bag level in CG plays the same sound as when Kuros attacks certain enemies in W&W.
The flying disc "whirring" in said level in CG plays the same sound as when Kuros throws his Dagger or Agor's Battle Axe in the air in W&W.

There are other Rareware sounds that could've been used in CG as well... such as the R.C. Pro-Am engine sound playing as the engine's sound in the BMX stage, or the "dizzy" sound heard when Kuros is injured to be used whenever your CG player is injured (Half Pipe/Skating/BMX). Furthermore, there could've been sound effects for the skateboard wheels and rollerskate wheels rolling.