Hey guys, I don't know if this is the right place for this post but here it goes:

I am an avid retro gamer, mostly NES, Arcade, and old DOS games. My favourites are Punch-Out!, Track & Field, Civilization, and all the old Sierra Adventure games.

I love old games so much that I wanted to build my own arcade system at home and started looking into it. I wanted the controls to light up depending on what system I was playing (i.e. light up only trackball for Golden tee, light up only ball top joystick for pac-man, for TMNT arcade light up red, purple, blue, orange for the turtles. In order to do this it would have cost over $300 just for the controller boards so I decided to build my own. I showed a few of my gamer buddies and they insist that I make them one as well.

One of my buddies suggested making a Kickstarter project out of it so I did. I reached my goal in less that a week and it still has 8 days to go! I have teamed up with Paradise Arcade Shop to provide kits for people if they want everything to build their own. I have also brought the creator of LEDBlinky (www.ledblinky.net) onboard so that the controller will interface with all the popular front- ends. I have also made it an open source project so that it may be ported to any system.

If you are interested take a look:


Here are a few details:

"The Howler Open Source Arcade Controller is a 4 joystick, 26 button, gamepad controller, keyboard controller, mouse controller, 96 channel LED driver USB composite device designed for interfacing to controls on a home arcade system."