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Thread: First Game Played For A System + Memories!!

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    Default First Game Played For A System + Memories!!

    As the title says, list your first game(s) played for a system, plus any awesome memories of said games.... Can be the first game or your first session where you were introduced to the console.

    For me, Mario 64 for the N64 was a hallmark moment and a memory i'll not forget. I am positive I'm not alone when saying this game blew my socks off and was the single reason I had to own the console. Also, Super Mario Land for Gameboy was a title i received with the system and continue to play to this day!!

    Metal Gear Solid for Playstation was the first game on Sony's platforms that I had really put solid time onto and fell in love with, after playing it at friend's houses, and I remember going into Funco Land way back in the day and trading in what must've been 20 or maybe even 30 SNES games and the system for a PSX and MGS, along with some other games and controllers. The game had that big of an impact, on me at least, to warrant trading in Nintendo for Sony (my then-thought-of rival to the Nintendo brand)
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    SMB on NES, John Madden Football on Genesis, Goldeneye on N64, Halo on Xbox, definitely standing out the most.
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    Squash, on a generic paddle system.
    I'd love to remember what brand the paddle system was.
    I do remember my brother making a fuss because the system didn't accept cassettes or cartridges.

    I should also mention, I remember the enjoyment and competition of playing against the family. We all wanted to be the best, to win and beat our opponent - well, at least among my siblings and their friends. I'm pretty sure that was my Dad's first and last time ever playing a videogame, lol, though he may have tried his hand at Super Breakout on the 5200 years later when my brother purchased it on release.
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    For me it's:

    Super Mario Bros - NES
    Sonic - Genesis
    Panzer Dragoon and Road Rash - Saturn
    GoldenEye - N64
    House of the Dead and Sonic - Dreamcast
    New Super Mario Bros - Wii U
    Assassin's Creed 4 - Playstation 4 (Yes I know this isn't an exclusive)

    There are great games for all the other consoles as well but these are the ones that really stand out and are the ones that defined those consoles for me.

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    Intellivision - no idea, my dad bought all the sports games along with the system, so it had to be one of those

    NES - SMB, blew my mind first time I played it at a friends. Spent the next several months begging my parents for one, only to be told I had to earn money for it myself. Not easy when you're in elementary school and don't get an allowance, let me tell you!

    SMS - I think I put in Ghost House first, since that was one of the games I got along with the system for Christmas, and the card format was so different I had to try it.

    Genesis - Altered Beast, the pack in. Loved having "the arcade" at home (even if in retrospect it wasn't "the arcade", and a very limited, short game)

    SegaCD - Don't recall, but had to be one of the numerous pack ins. Doubt it was that Sherlock Holmes garbage, so either Sol Feace or one of the disappointing 4-in-1 ports

    32x - I think I rented Knuckes Chaotix first.

    TG16 - Keith Courage, pack in, meh.

    TGCD - Y's 3. Yeah, I got that before Y's 1&2 because 3 was all that store had!

    Saturn - Virtual Fighter, pack in pack in pack in. Very quickly rented Panzer Dragoon and Clockwork Knight, then bought them.

    PSX - Hey, where's the pack in? Don't recall if I played Tobal No. 1 or Power Move Pro Wrestling first, since they were the first games I bought.

    N64 - It's a me, Mario! Not a hard choice when the only other game out was Pilotwings. Not that Mario is ever a hard choice.

    Dreamcast - Resident Evil Code Veronica. Actually bought the system just because I really had an itch to play that. Not that I didn't want the system eventually anyway, but I was just really in the mood for that game when I broke down and bought one.

    PS2 - Resident Evil Code Veronica X. Owned the game for 6 months before I owned the system, lol

    Xbox - Should have been Silent Hill 2. Got the system for Christmas, along with SH2... the PS2 version... Had to go out the 26th to exchange it. First thing I popped in was an OXBM demo disc, remember playing a demo of one of those Abe's [whatever] games first. First actual full game... I rented Halo and DOA at Hollywood Video (since they were open Christmas (and still in business)) think I put Halo in first. Neither game thrilled me.

    Gamecube - rental of Luigi's Mansion. First game I actually bought was Resident Evil.

    360 - Kung Fu Panda. HEY A PACK IN! I REMEMBER THOSE!!!!! Got to the end of a level and the system crashed, with 3 red lights (OH NOES!) fortunately it was a false alarm, system is still running to this day, just over 5 years later. Never put KFP back in the system, though. Spent the rest of the night with Lego Indiana Jones, then got Fallout 3 the next day, that kept me busy for a long time.

    Wii - New Super Mario Wii.

    PS3 - Got it for Christmas, didn't get any games... So had to make due with trying my PSX games of all things (since PS2 BC was long gone by that time, I got a slim). No idea what the first one I tried was. Day or two later got used games from GameStop (THE HORROR) in a B2G1 sale. Think 3D Dot Game Heroes was the first I tried. The other two were God of War Collection and God of War 3.

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    Hope it's okay to make a new post for handhelds, old post was getting pretty long.

    Gameboy - Super Mario Land. Yeah, I played that before the pack in Tetris, which I hadn't really cared about. Then I did play Tetris, wow, great version of an addictive game.

    Lynx - Oh man... I didn't ever have many games for this... I guess it must've been Rygar first? That or Xenophobe.

    Gamegear - Again, didn't have many games. I think the nearly forgotten RPG Defender of Oasis broke the system's cherry.

    GBC - Didn't have a GBC mode game until Zelda DX, but used it with plenty of my old GB games before that. First game that ONLY worked on GBC was WWF Attitude :P (still better than the PSX version, though).

    GBA - Import of Fire Prowrestling Ace. Won the game on eBay, then had to try to track down a GBA to play it on. Yeah, they were scarce at the time, unless you wanted to give in to EB/GS extortion and buy a bundle with a bunch of useless accessories. That or buy a pink one (no thanks, I have a penis). Finally tracked down one purple one at a Target. Wasn't the clear purple I really wanted, but at least it wasn't pink (should've rebranded that a GameGIRL Advance, am i right?)

    GBASP - Yeah, technically not a differnet system, but this one had a PACK IN! YAY! Some black friday deal that year at TRU where you got a gold SP and a copy of SMA4:SMB3. And now I could actually see what I was playing! SCORE!

    DS - Metroid Prime Hunters Demo, lol PACK IN! Got Mario 64 shortly thereafter. May have played some GBA games before that, but nothing memorable.

    PSP - Daxter the last PACK IN! So far anyway. Bought some Smackdown vs Raw shortly after. Forget which one, not the first one on the system though. Wound up with several of them so I can't even really check.

    3DS - After getting tired of testing DS games on it, got Paper Mario. Probably would've gotten Zelda OOT but it was harder to find and also never seemed to be on sale (I hate paying full price, though eventually had to for OOT).

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    The very first would be playing (or trying to play) KC Munchkin on the Odyssey 2 as a tiny kid at a department store.

    Yar's Revenge on the Atari 2600.

    Tron: Deadly Discs on the Intellivision.

    Either Donkey Kong or Zaxxon on the Colecovision (pretty sure I played both the same day).

    Pac-Man for the Atari 800.

    Omega Race on the Vic 20.

    Sabotage on the Apple II+

    Super Mario for the NES.

    Mortal Kombat on the Genesis.

    Soul Calibur with a group of people on the Dreamcast.

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    Default These are the most memorable firsts...

    Atari 2600 - Combat was probably my first console game I've ever played. I'm sure that I was elated when I played it, but it was overshadowed by games like Space Invaders and Yars Revenge which I played not long afterward. The idea that I had video games that I didn't have to put quarters into was insanity. Changed my life, though I'm not sure it was for the better.

    Intellivision - Astro Smash was the first Intellivision game I played, and I was pretty much convinced that the system was technically better than the 2600, but I didn't like the controllers at all, and everyone I knew had a million Atari carts I could borrow, so I wasn't really in the market for an Intellivision.

    NES - Super Mario Bros. This was probably the first arcade perfect port I'd ever played on a console. I don't even have to say anything about this classic or my experiences with the NES early on.

    SEGA Master System - Alex Kidd in Miracle World was the first game in the store kiosk that I remember playing for this system. I can't tell you how excited I was to get a Master System. The kiosk made me want the system even more. I'm still in the market for one of those SMS store kiosks with the preloaded demo carts. Between Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Fantasy Zone I was sold. I was a SMS booster that entire generation. What's weird is that a lot of people in my neighborhood has Master Systems. Almost as many as had NES'.

    Vectrex - Mine Storm was the first game I played for the system, and I still think that it's one of the best pack-in game ever. I must have played hundreds of hours of this game over the decades.

    Genesis - Altered Beast. It was just your basic pack-in game, but I'd never seen anything close to arcade graphics as what I saw when I first played it that Christmas. It was definitely one of those things you never forget.

    SEGA CD - Time Gal was the first SEGA CD game I played, or rather watched played, on a friend's import system, before it was released Stateside, I was really into Anime at the time, and was always amazed by the import scene that my friends with money at the time had access to. I knew that it was just a basic FMV game, and that there would be more to the system than type of game (or so I thought since I was familiar with the Turbo CD), but it never exceeded the TGCD, IMO. It took me years to actually acquire one since I wasn't really impressed from what I'd seen when playing a friend's.

    32X - Space Harrier was the reason I wanted this add-on. Harrier is probably my all time favorite game, and when they were clearancing systems for less than the mail-in rebate coupon that came with it, it was a no-brainer. SEGA actually PAID ME to own a 32X. I bought it new for $9.99 and used the mail in rebate to get 25 bucks back. It was on a cool blue SEGA check that I never cashed (I wanted it as a keep sake), but lost in a house fire.

    Super Nintendo - Super Mario World was first for this system and I'm sure my memories were the same as almost everyone else that purchased a SNES back in the day. I thought that it was one of, if not the, best games on the system. The first SNES game OF MY OWN that I played though, was Super R-Type. I absolutely LOVED that game. I still do, and I've NEVER ended it yet.

    Turbo Graphic 16 - Bonk's Adventure was the first TG16 game I played. It was on a friend's system, and I enjoyed it, but this was AFTER I experienced the CD games, so it didn't really grab me like it would have otherwise. I still thought that it was amazing though.

    Turbo Graphic CD - Final Zone II (I had a VHS tape of play throughs of several TGCD games, and this was one of them, and I thought it, along with bloody wolf, was the best thing since sliced bread. I freaky LOVED the cheesy dialog! I coveted this system for YEARS before finally getting one. Just AWESOME.)

    Nintendo 64 - Golden Eye was the first. My friends and I spent SO many hours on this game. It's probably the reason I never finished college!

    Saturn - Panzer Dragoon and Astal. Panzer Dragoon was demoed in Babbages. I first saw it the week that the system was released I believe, and Astal was what I first played when I got my hands on a friend's system. I think that game is totally underrated, but I get why it's not on most people's radar.

    Playstation - I think either Gran Turismo, which I HATED, was the first one I played for the system. Either it, or Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, which I thought ran sort of clunky, as did a lot of 2D PSX games. I was actually put off by the PSX BITD. And again, as with the SMS and NES generation, I had a large number of SEGA boosters in my circle that gen.

    Jaguar - I think it was Trevor McFur, or ZOOP. I thought this system was garbage from the jump off, but I bought it for cheap at a large close out sale in the Super Dome that used to happen every year. It was only just a place holder, and still is.

    3DO - Starfighter, I think. I got a TON of 3DO games when I got the system and I fucking LOVED that console. I supported it more than my Saturn, and the Saturn was my favorite console of that generation. I just had great luck finding discounted 3DO software that year.

    Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure was the first Dreamcast game I'd played, but it was only for a few seconds when I saw it in a kiosk at SAM'S CLUB. Crazy Taxi I believe was the first Dreamcast title I actually really sat down and played. My girlfriend and I were obsessed with this game, and Resident Evil Code: Veronica as well. I used to play through that game daily. I could beat it in about 2 hours or so, with no saves, using only the knife (except for during boss fights).

    Playstation 2 - Silent Hill 3 I believe was my first PS2 game, because I was a MASSIVE fan of part 2 which I had on the XBOX, and I think my wife got me part 3 when she got me my PS2 as a birthday present. I loved it nearly as much as SH2.

    XBOX - HALO: Combat Evolved. Man, my friend had an XBOX and used to come over with it and it was like the N64 and Goldeneye ALL OVER AGAIN! The wife loved HALO as well. We played that games for hundreds of hours.

    Gamecube - R.E.make I THINK was my first Gamecube game. Either it, or Viewtiful Joe. I honestly don't remember for sure, but BOTH games blow me away. I never ended Joe, and thought that it hung around a bit longer than it needed to, but I'm still a big fan. R.E.make was just fantastic, but I'm a survival horror junkie.

    XBOX360 - Resident Evil 5 was the first 360 game I ever played, however this was like 3 years after I owned a 360 that I STILL haven't taken out of the box. I received a RE5 Limited Edition system for Easter one year, and RE5 was packed in. I set everything up and fired up the disc and...nothing. Turns out I had a bad disc, and I followed the advice of friends from another forum to boil the disc in water. I thought that they were yanking my chain, but I did it anyway since I had nothing to lose and it worked like a charm after that! Nuts!

    Wii - Wii Sports, Meh.

    Playstation 3 - Resistence: Fall of Man, Meh.

    Game Boy - Tetris. Woo, it's Tetris, I guess. You know?

    Game Gear - Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Meh.

    Lynx - Gates of Zendocon was my first Lynx game and I thought that it was the most delightfully mediocre game I'd played in years. I felt that way about every Lynx game I've played as a matter of fact.

    Gameboy Advance - Lady Sia, or Donkey Kong Country. I received bot with my system (SP Onyx). They were gifts from my late mother-in-law. I'd played DKC to death on the SNES so it didn't really move me, and Sia was just mediocre from what I did play. I was more excited about having the actual system because it was just an out of the blue sort of gift; It wasn't an occasion or anything. She just saw it in SAM'S Club and thought that I would like it.

    PSP - Lumines was the first and is still my most played PSP game I believe. I really loved everything about it. I thought that it was the perfect portable game.

    DS - Resident Evil Deadly Silence. I hated the controls and only played it for like 5 minutes. I realized what I always suspected with the DS and the Wii very early on, that I don't really care for 'forced' motion and touch controls added to games.

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    Xbox LIVE


    Atari 2600 - First game that came with the system, a box of 40 we had since before I was born.....First game I ever played on a 2600....I was 2-3 years old, and it was Pitfall! First time I SERIOUSLY played Atari, Keystone Kapers at age 8 when we got a woodgrain 4 switch for me for xmas 1989.

    PC - Microsoft Adventure, on my sister's old Tandy 1000 SX. I remember thinking it was pretty boring because it was a text game, and being a tad disappointed as I was expecting it to be the same as Adventure for my Atari 2600. I love that game now.

    NES - First Game Ever Played - Super Mario Bros. 2, a rich friend of the family had one with that and The Legend of Zelda. First game played on my system - The Legend of Zelda, which I spent hours on trying to figure out how to get all the secret items and often coming up empty handed.

    Game Boy - Super Mario Land, both first game and first one I played on my own console. That game was the whole reason I wanted a Game Boy, some girl on the bus had it and I used to play a round or two on the way home, later we'd compete at Tetris.

    SNES - Super Mario World with some friends was the first time I played an SNES, first game I played with mine, same game.

    PlayStation - Activision Classics, I bought one off a classmate for $20.00, he hated it because it had a Backstreet Boys sticker on the top (which I promptly removed), I had no games, so why not stick with the stuff I'm familiar with.

    XBOX - Aside from emulation, the first game I played on my XBOX was Halo 2.

    ActionMax - That horrid airplane VHS tape game, a friend of mine had this and gave it to me. The tape was more fun to watch and MST3K at. The Haunted House one was probably prime for "Pod People" episode level hilarity.

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    Sega Pico - Apparently I had one of these in the mid 1990s ('95-96?), although I was too young to remember it.

    PC - Not sure, some time around 1996, I know SimTown and Sonic's Schoolhouse were among the first. I also played with Microsoft Visio as early as age 2, there's a picture of me from December 19, 1995 (6 days before my 3rd birthday) in my mom's lap playing with that.

    Nintendo 64- Super Mario 64 - first console game I ever played, October 1998 at Vanderbilt Hospital when I had an asthma attack age 5. Got my own N64 on Christmas Day 1998 after being disappointed with the Sega Genesis I got. We lived in a gray trailer at the time and the family car was a beat up 1984 Lincoln Town Car, my parents really were doing all they could. Now, I'm thankful for that, twenty years ago as a little kid, not so much.

    Sega Genesis - I got this slightly later, probably within a month (by November 1998) after begging my parents for a video game console. I had Eternal Champions, Williams' Arcade Classics, and a Justice League game. I seem to remember the Justice League game being first.

    PlayStation - I believe it would have been Crash Bandicoot: Warped, maybe Crash Bandicoot 2. I got this system some time in 1999 and had it until June 11, 2002 when me and my cousin got PS2's.

    PlayStation 2 - Got this June 11, 2002, first game would have been Gran Turismo 3. Kept the thing on for several days, till June 16 I believe, until we could get a memory card. Played it for years, went through the simulation mode multiple times but never finished (then again, it was so vast that very few people got 100%, I did amass a garage of about 35 cars probably worth 3 or 4 million credits total IIRC)

    GameCube - Got this December 25, 2003, first game was NASCAR Thunder 2003. Another favorite, went through the simulation several times with this one, won something like 15 out of 20 seasons one time. I loved doing the PIT maneuver on other racers and spinning them out (something that would get you banned in NASCAR in real life especially if you did it as much as me), and I would say this game was nearly half the time I spent on my GCN. I got Super Smash Bros. Melee on the same day, another favorite of mine, I would say 90% of my GameCube time was either Melee or NASCAR Thunder 2003.

    GBA - Got this, I think, December 25, 2003 as well. Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure. Played it a fair bit, I really remember playing it a lot at YMCA summer camp in 2005.

    PSP - Got this December 25, 2005. The Sims 2. Found out it doesn't translate well to consoles, especially portable consoles.

    Xbox 360 - This was supposed to be a Christmas '05 present but came in January 26, 2006. Project Gotham Racing 3. I was so impressed by that game, its virtual arcade and the photo realistic look of the cars. Also, are you noticing a trend? I like racing sims and Crash Bandicoot.

    Wii - Got this December 25, 2006. Rampage, Total Destruction IIRC, don't think I played Wii Sports till after, maybe later that day, definitely by December 28.

    PS3 - Got this December 25, 2006, but for the life of me don't remember the first game I played on it.
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    Let's take a walk down cliché road...

    NES -- Super Mario Bros. My little 8-year-old brain was hooked pretty earlier, though I wouldn't quite develop an obsession until 3 came into my life.

    SNES -- Super Mario World. Played it at a Service Merchandise kiosk, but then some neighbors got it and the console and we started a collaborative effort to 100% the thing.

    Genesis -- Sonic the Hedgehog. I was more of a fan of the franchise itself, mostly because I wouldn't get to own a Genesis, but after playing a bit a buddy's house and watching that damned blue blur tear through cartoon deathbots. I remember everybody being impressed that I got the first Chaos Emerald (more or less by accident).

    Game Boy -- Tetris. That is all.

    PS1 -- Hoo boy. Final Fantasy Freaking VII. I had gone to a buddy's house for this nerdy sleepover. Lots of video games, lots of arguing about video games, lots of Korn. Then somehow or other I got roped into trying this bad boy. I managed to get to Wall Market that I remember for sure; I think somebody else took over but either way we got to the HQ. I full-on fanboy'd all over that and snagged my own copy (before I owned a console, I thought logic was for the weak back then). I still have that battered old game and its case in a place of honor among my stacks.

    Xbox -- First game was Halo, but it was Star Wars Battlefront 2 that actually got me to play the thing. I loved the conquest (or as we called it the Adventures of Dar Squadron because the enemy AI was retarded).

    PS2 -- I had gotten my first one not-quite-new from someone at work, and mostly used it to rebuild my PS1 obsession. I had tried a couple of actual PS2 games but they kept leaving a sour taste in my mouth, even if they came from franchises that I enjoyed. Then I nabbed Atelier Iris 2 more or less for the hell of it. Cutesy graphics, watered down RPG formula plot with huge holes. I didn't care. I don't care now. Something about the whole package just really clicked for me. I don't understand it, but I love that game.

    Xbox 360 -- Halo: Reach. Screw the campaign. We just kept tearing around on Gruntpocalypse. There we were, hardcore RPGers the lot of us, giggling like retards when we got headshots and arguing about loadouts and armor lock.

    PS3 -- Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. This was something of an odd journey. My brother had gotten a Slim for as a gift, along a wad of games. Because apparently I find new games scary, the poor console just sort of sat there while I tore through Borderlands 2 on 360 and random PS2 games for a while. I traded for gamed that I would play on it, I ignored it. I bought games I would play on it, I ignored it. Then I nabbed Amalur and put that bad boy in. I got all the way up to the questgiver that sounds like Andy Serkis joined some sort of metal garage band and knew I was hooked.
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    I remember a lot of these:

    Atari 2600 - probably Combat, at Christmastime when I was a wee kid; I was ridiculously excited
    Atari 5200 - Zaxxon, at Christmas a few years later
    ColecoVision - Smurf Rescue, on a ColecoVision brought over by my dad's friend
    TI-99/4A - Parsec, on my sister's boyfriend's parents' computer
    Tandy CoCo - Spidercide, on my CoCo
    Macintosh - either some Asteroids clone on my mom's boss's Mac, or Dungeons of Doom on my sister's boyfriend's Mac
    Apple II - Swashbuckler, maybe, or History Mystery at school
    NES - I think it might have been Super Mario Bros. 2, or maybe SMB1, at a Dungeons & Dragons sleepover with friends; if it wasn't those, it was Spy Hunter at another friend's house
    TRS-80 Model III - some BASIC type-in game on a machine my mom borrowed from work
    C64 - either Winter Games or The Goonies, at the house of a couple of cokeheads for whom my friend was babysitting
    Game Boy - Super Mario Land, on my sister's Game Boy
    Intellivision - Boxing, I think, on a friend's Intellivision
    SNES - Super Mario World, my sister's SNES
    Game Gear - either Sonic 2 or Space Harrier, my brother's Game Gear
    Genesis - either Mortal Kombat or Aladdin, we rented a Genesis system + games for the weekend
    Atari Lynx - Blue Lightning, either on an acquaintance's Lynx or (if she didn't let me try it) in emulation many years later
    DOS - the Hugo adventure games, I think, on a college friend's PC
    Virtual Boy - Mario's Tennis, on my sister's Virtual Boy
    Sega Saturn - Virtual On or Virtua Fighter, not sure which, on a college friend's Saturn
    Neo Geo - Eightman at some convenience store near college
    N64 - might have been GoldenEye on my friend's N64, or might have been a store demo of Super Mario 64
    XBox - probably Halo on my brother's XBox
    Atari 7800 - maybe Karateka or Ninja Golf, emulated
    Sega Master System - maybe Phantasy Star, emulated
    GameCube - Super Monkey Ball 2 or Super Mario Kart: Double Dash on a friend's console
    Dreamcast - Tennis 2K2, on the Dreamcast my girlfriend (now wife) bought me for my birthday
    PlayStation - maybe Tomba, on a yard sale PS1 + games we bought for peanuts (those were the days)
    Vectrex - Mine Storm or Scramble, on a flea market Vectrex
    Game Boy Advance - Metroid Fusion in emulation
    Sega 32X - Doom, probably, since my wife found a copy by the side of the road
    Sega CD - possibly AH-3 Thunderstrike (no real stories from here on, since it's just stuff I collected)
    Game Boy Color - Montezuma's Return
    3DO - Super Street Fighter II Turbo, maybe? Either that or PaTaank, I think
    TurboGrafx-16 - maybe Toilet Kids in emulation, maybe Moto Roader on real hardware
    Atari Jaguar - Kasumi Ninja or Trevor McFur
    Philips CD-i - International Tennis Open, I think
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