I have a 3DS XL that has a cracked top screen. System still works fine, but it's just hard to really enjoy it with the top screen jacked up. My son had the 3DS XL in his camping tent, and he accidentally left it on the ground somewhere in the tent, and one of his cousins stepped on it and cracked the screen.

I went to Youtube and watched a video on how to repair it myself, but it just seems a bit of too much drama for me to fix it myself. I did put a new screen into a PSP one time, but that was a super easy fix. Taking apart a 3DS XL just seems way more complicated than when I did the repair on the PSP. This place online called Consolezombie can do the repair for $85. It's $30 for the repair and $55 for the screen. That includes return shipping.


anybody know anything about this place ? Should I send my 3DS XL to this place and pay $85 for the fix ? I looked into sending it to Nintendo, and they wanted $125, which at that point, I'd just buy a new one and sell his XL (as-is) for like $75 or something.