I'm getting back into retro games right now, and just picked up a SNES and a Sega Genesis. No problems with the Genesis yet, however I've not been so lucky with the SNES. The first one I got started crashing on me. With a bit of testing, I found out that, when a game is running, if you even slightly tap the game cartridge and cause it to move, it crashes the system. It could be something as simple as accidentally tugging on the controller cable, which causes the system to shift slightly and therefore the game cart, and it crashes. I took the system back, got a refund, and ordered a new one online. I get this system, and it has the exact same problem.

Is this a common problem that I just need to learn to deal with, or is there a solution that someone knows about? I've tested multiple games and they all have the same problem., so I have to assume it's the system. I've looked online and can't find anything about this.