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    Quote Originally Posted by Satoshi_Matrix View Post
    It's not absurd at all. This is how emulators run roms.
    Perhaps absurd was the incorrect term to use. Pointless? Needlessly limiting? I'm sure there is one but I just don't see a technical reason for it.

    This instantly means Pier Solar and any future Watermelon games and any Super Fighter Team games will not work.

    Taking the usual culprits out (Castlevania III, Virtua Racing) clone systems generally boot virtually anything you throw at them and as a whole have *more* compatibility with games than official systems do. By requiring a certain header in games in order for them to work the console has less compatibility than both a real system or previous clones. Requiring header information when it previously wasn't needed is why playing oddball stuff on both the SNES Powerpak and Everdrive is a nerve wrecking experience but with a normal copier it's a walk in the park.

    Both real and clone SNES machines do not require valid headers. MD clones will play games that have screwy headers and do not include TMSS. PC emulators for either system are the same way, they don't require a rigid set of header info to work.
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