Selling off some games to fund an arcade purchase. Just trying to get them listed for now, so will update later with prices. If interested, shoot me a message with what you'd like. I have all the pictures on dropbox, which it's easiest for me to have them there; since then I can add more easily if anyone wants. Any other questions, let me know.

- Final Fantasy Adventure: Boxed/Complete, near mint

Gameboy Advance
- Final Fantasy I&II: Boxed/Complete, near mint
- Final Fantasy IV: Boxed/Complete, near mint
- Final Fantasy V: Boxed/Complete, near mint
- Final Fantasy VI: Boxed/Complete, near mint

- Metroid Fusion: Boxed/Complete, near mint

- Riviera: Boxed/Complete, near mint

Gameboy DS
- Final Fantasy 3: Game and guide

Playstation 1 Note: pictures include random shots of other games as well, some which will be for sale and others that will NOT. The list below are ones I'm for sure selling. If you have questions on other, let me know. I'm NOT selling ANY of my lunar stuff.
- Breath of Fire IV: missing front cover
- Final Fantasy Origins: loose
- Final Fantasy Anthologies: loose
- Final Fantasy Tactics (GH): complete
- Legend of Mana: loose, includes soundtrack
- Rhapsody: complete
- Star Ocean: Second Story: complete
- Threads of Fate: loose
- Vandal-Hearts: complete

- Suikoden 2 Guide

- Xenogear Guide

Playstation 2
- Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter: complete

- Suikoden 3: complete

- Suikoden 4: complete

- Suikoden 5: game (complete), guide, and bonus art book + soundtrack

- Wild Arms 3: complete

- Wild Arms 4: complete

- Wild Arms 5: game and guide BOTH SEALED

- Xenosaga III Guide + Art book

Xbox 360
- Eternal Sonata Bundle: Game (sealed), Guide and all 5 collector faceplates

- Tales of Vesperia: game (complete) + guide + bonus Tales of Ledendia art book

Random Guides