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Thread: LED-Modded Game gear - Motion Blur and Ghosting

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    Default LED-Modded Game gear - Motion Blur and Ghosting

    About a week ago, I purchased an LED-modded Blue SEGA game gear (specifically, using a DSi LED backlight). The system came in great condition and works amazingly well with a decently bright screen, responsive buttons, loud sound and (of course) VASTLY improved battery life. There are, however, two issues...motion blur and ghosting. The system's motion blur appears to be somewhat greater than my original game gear (which is working fairly well, just a few cosmetic issues) and screen line-ghosting appears to be heightened, showing up much more often than the original GG's does. Onscreen colors also appear a bit more pastel-ish than the original system, but I'm guessing that's because of the different backlight setup that isn't quite as bright as the original (even the SEGA bootup screen is a much darker blue on the LED modded one)

    Neither of these things really show up in pictures, so it's hard to show the difference.

    The seller claimed to have replaced all of the screen capacitors, and I don't doubt him exactly. I'm just this the fault of malfunctioning hardware, or is this merely the LED mod showing the original system's flaws more? If it is something I can fix with the system, what should I do? Thanks for your help.
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    If I'm correct in assuming that despite all those mods the OEM Sega LCD screen was retained, then the answer is a big YES. The system was bad with blur and ghosting, not as bad as the Nomad though. Nomad's have been famously fixed of this by using a modern LCD replacement screen. However, that mod is much more difficult on a Game Gear. I had a similar situation happen to me. I had two GG's, both with terrible screen brightness needing caps replaced. I sent the one that looked better, which was a mistake. The repair was perfect, but turns out that screen had a lot of dimmer vertical lines in it, which I would not have noticed before. So it was largely a waste of money. Unfortunately there's no inexpensive way to restore a GG, lousy hardware SEGA used.
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