It's time for the first SC3 event of 2014! Our next Arcade Party will take place on Saturday, April 26, at The Last Arcade on the Planet, a private facility jam-packed with '80s arcade classics in Santa Ana. If you attended our June event last year, you already know The Last Arcade. The owner, Juan, has hosted numerous parties and events there in addition to SC3's. It's a perfect fit for us. The Last Arcade features over 50 classic cabinets (and 5 pinball machines) representing the best titles from the Golden Age of Arcades. SC3 is bringing our usual complement of classic home console games and maybe a cabinet or two of our own. It'll be another great evening of games, games and more games!

SC3 at Juan's 'Last Arcade on the Planet' is located at

1400 E St Andrew Pl. suite E. Santa Ana, CA

Event Schedule

The April 26th party opens at 6 p.m. and lasts until 12 midnight. will be on hand, conducting their usual raffle jam-packed with retro gaming goodies. Home consoles and the game trading area will be stationed outside. Bringing trade items? Please read our Tips for Traders.

Food Schedule

Drinks will be available at this event, but entrees will not be provided. We are attempting to line up on-site food vendors, but have no commitments as of yet. We'll post updates as soon as we know more. There are also a number of restaurants (both fast food and fast casual) in the area.

Donations Are Appreciated!

With over 50 machines, electric bills are expected to be quite high. Your donations fund all SC3 events and are greatly appreciated. If all adult attendees chip in just $5, that should cover our expenses. Thank you!

RSVP Today!

If you want to attend, you must fill out this RSVP form. If your registration is accepted, you will be informed via email. Simple! Remember, it's essential that you RSVP ahead of time this location can accommodate a big crowd, but we still need an accurate headcount!

Recap of SC3's Last Meeting

Amazingly, the November 9, 2013 SC3 arcade party marked the tenth occurrence of our now-legendary "back yard" parties in Claremont, CA. Factoring in our events at other venues, we've actually been in the double-digits for some time now. Hard to believe. But luckily the crowd keeps showing up, as over 160 attendees braved holiday-weekend SoCal traffic to play dozens of classic-coin ops, home consoles, computers and electronic handheld games. There were even a couple pinball machines this time around. Read all about it in our Nov. 9, 2013 Event Recap.

Who Is SC3, Exactly?

If you aren't familiar with SC3, we're just a friendly group of videogame enthusiasts who like nothing better than to get together to talk, trade, and play games. We've got a soft spot for games from the "classic" days of the early 1980s, but we love games of all eras, from Pong to PlayStation 4. If you love videogames, you're welcome to attend!

SC3 has made a point of keeping our meetings relaxed and informal, but the atmosphere will include some beer drinking and there may be some R-rated game content. This is an adult get-together where supervised minors will be accepted. Parents should take this into account and please let us know if you have questions.