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Thread: Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn

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    Quote Originally Posted by buzz_n64 View Post
    There's a massive Indiegogo controversy right now with backers not getting what they were promised. Backers are not getting their rewards, not credited in the game, not used in the game. Many of whom were given the same voice acting roles and not used. No replies on Indiegogo. I personally paid $150 to have my voice in the game. I recorded and sent in my lines. I'm even in a crowdfunding trailer for the game but I'm not even credited as a backer in the credits. As soon as I play the game and verify that my voice isn't in the game, I will be voicing my disappointment and anger even more so. A Facebook group from dissatisfied backers has been created which I joined. An e-mail sent out to some backers states that there will be a patch to fix some of the issues, but I doubt that.
    So it's faithful to the experience of the original game then? Disappointment and anger?

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the first Shaq-Fu, I even liked the Shaq CD Single that came with it.

    But this seems like they scammed the backers.

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