Here is the latest news from Super Fighter Team:

CASCADE and MAGIC GIRL are coming to the Genesis / Mega Drive!

Is your favorite 16-bit game system shaking in nervous anticipation? Ah, well that must be because we've got two great new games waiting to fill its slot!

CASCADE is a dice-based puzzler set in space, where your skill will be judged by wacky aliens.

MAGIC GIRL is a vertical shooter that puts you in the role of a young girl fighting to save her entire planet from certain doom.

Both games are now available for pre-order for only $40 each, from their respective websites...



CASCADE was originally developed by Epyx, and initially slated for release only in Japan. This never before seen game will amuse you with its quirky aliens that welcome you with silly spoken lines such as, "Oh no, a human!" and "May the dice be with you." It also features a two player mode.

MAGIC GIRL was developed by Gamtec in Taiwan. In addition to translating the game into English, we at Super Fighter Team have also fixed a few bugs that plagued the Chinese original.