Specifically I am looking for power saves for various SNES and Genesis games, and other systems if you have 'em. My friend and I cheated our way through Sonic3 + Knuckles and almost got to the end of the game, only for the game to delete our precious save file when I attempted to play it again. I recently acquired a Retron backup and I also use flash carts occasionally. I was wondering if someone had a "loaded" save file for Sonic3+Knuckles. For instance if someone has a SRM dump with all levels finished and 14 chaos emeralds on separate save files with Sonic, Tailes, Sonic + Tails, and Knuckles, that would be awesome. I'm also looking for "everything unlocked" or "100% complete" save files for other various classic games, but I can't seem to find much online. Plenty of stuff for Wii and DS and other modern consoles, but classic consoles not so much. Mostly people just distribute save states which are emulator specific and won't work with Retrode or Flash carts. Also useful for backup when replacing dead batteries and other goodies. I'll be the first to admit I'm a lazy gamer but I would just love to upload some loaded savegames onto the SRAMs on my retro carts. If I'm somehow violating the rules, please lock, but since SRAM dump files don't normally contain actual game code, I thought it would be alright to upload or link to files.